about roll for glory

The main idea behind this site is to share Jesus. I may do interviews with people who don’t believe, or who have been hurt by the church, so they may have a negative feeling toward Christianity or religion in general. For the most part, I will be interviewing other believers. Either way, we are talking about Jesus. Over the years, I have been able to meet many of my childhood skateboard heroes, some of whom are Christ followers, and hopefully, God will help me to use them to influence people within the culture to open their hearts to the idea of accepting a living God to receive eternal life.

I am a husband, and a father of 2 girls. I am a skateboarder and photographer. I believe that meeting my wife in college (who brought me to Christ) and after I gave my life to Christ in the summer of 1998, God took me on a journey and brought all these people across my path, so that I could use those who share my faith in Jesus, to influence this culture, and to glorify Him.

I consider myself as shy, a bit socially awkward. This site is a way for me to share my faith openly online in a way I might not be able to do with someone face to face. It is also a means in which I can reach people across the world by using skateboarding as a common interest. The people I have met since moving down to Southern California have all had a part in me being able to create this website. I am passionate about skateboarding, and I love to take photos of skateboarding. If you can get inspired from the words or photos here, I’ll be happy. Thanks for looking.

God bless.