july 26, 2016

vans park series huntington beach

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It was a hot day at the beach. The usual suspects were ripping, and then there was Hanna Zanzi. Hanna has been flying under the radar since she got back on her board at the end of last year. She blew minds with some super tech tricks, flow and style. Congrats to all the girls who came out to compete. Fun times for sure. Special thank you to Lizzie Armanto and Mimi Knoop for getting me a pass to shoot. Much appreciated ladies.

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Julz Lyn

Nora Vasconcellos kf pivot

Spencer Breaux

Lea Taylor

Jordan Santana

Bryce Wettstein

Arianna Carmona

Kody Tamanaha

I've taken more than a few photos of Amelia Brodka mid trick with her eyes closed.

Autumn Tust

Yndiara Asp

Sky Brown

Yndiara Asp

Yndiara Asp

Maddie Collins

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