september 3, 2016

prince park // oceanside, ca

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Shark Dog, Mimi Knoop, Cara-Beth Burnside, Griffin Clingman, Kevin Reynolds, Tate Carew, Bryson Farrill

The Skeleton Key was out in full force. Shark Dog, Tate Carew, Bryson Farril, Griffin Clingman and Kevin Reynolds.

Mimi Knoop always bringing the smiles to the session

Tate Carew off the hip

Tate goes fishing while the skywriters write

Kevin Reynolds plants Texas

Griffin Clingman kills Prince. Madonna

Griffin 5-0 in the koi pond

Shark Dog was out from New York. Crail

Casual frontside rock in the pond

Bryson Farrill lien to tail

Griffin monty into the deep before a monty out of the deep

Tate mini sad

Tate frontal

Mimi grinding

Always good to see CB at the park.