march 10, 2018

vans girls combi pool classic

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Bummed I could only get out to the Pro Division of the event this year, but very blessed I was able to witness the shredding. The girls step up their game each year of the Combi Pool Classic. It has been a blast to watch each year. Most years, it can be anyone's to take, if they can stay on. You can tell by all the different girls who have won in the past. This year, it was Nicole Hause's day in the sun. She came out agressive and didn't let up. She is scary and fun to watch at the same time. Last year's winner, Jordyn Barratt took second place, and the young powerhouse Brighton Zeuner snagged the last podium spot. Thanks to Steve and Kristy Van Doren for the love and support of Women's skateboarding.

Kat Folsom

Really good to see Karen Jonz back up in the mix with the girls.


Kihana Ogawa

New Team Hosoi member, Lea Taylor made it into the finals

Nicole Hause came in swinging and never let up

Nicole airing to fakie

Spencer Breaux frontside disaster

Arianna Carmona air to disaster


Jordyn Barratt 2nd place with a boneless

Leticia Gonçalves

Poppy Starr into the square

Sakura Yosozumi is a warrior. Look at those shins!

Sakura off the hip

Allysha Le dipped

Julz Lyn

Minna Stess made the finals in her first time in the pro division. Good job Minna!


Lizzie Armanto into the square the hard way

Arianna doing some ballet with this caballerial


Grace Marhoefer

Nicole had to wait for Bryce Kanights to get in position to land this half cab.

Lizzie with a fakie frontside pivot

Lizzie into the round


Brighton Zeuner smacks down an air to disaster while paying homage to Kill Bill

Nicole throws a sweet indy oop