march 8, 2019

combi pool classic practice

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Vans Skatepark at the Block in Orange, CA held its last Combi Pool Classic on March 9, 2019. I wasn't able to make the contest, but got to hang out the day before to get some of the practice.

Hunter Long

Poppy Starr Olsen | 5th place Pros

Lilly Stopephasius

Nicole Hause | 8th place Pros

Sakura Yosozumi | 2nd place Pros

This was my first time seeing 10-year old Cocona Hiraki | 4th place Pros


Karen Muto | 1st place 14 and under


Coming out of Australia, Indiana Barnard with a proper rock | 3rd place 14 and under

Cocona around the shallow corner

Jordyn Barratt | 3rd place Pros

Jordan Santana | 1st place 15 and over

Jordan slider to fakie

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